I had a client recently convey to me they are feeling great.  Better physically than they have felt in many months.  At the same time they were feeling like they were not doing nearly enough exercise.  

Note the inconsistency.  For months before seeing me, this client had been doing more, more, more.  Always trying to add the next right exercise to get the nagging hip and side pain to subside. None of it worked, and she finally felt the sting of defeat.  This is the same cycle that so many folks find themselves in.  Too often we find the exercise, program, guru, or fitness class that we *want* to be a part of.  We take this first step, diving headfirst into an exercise habit.  

For many, this is putting the cart before the horse.  The chance of you being the ‘round peg’ to the program’s ‘round hole’ is not too great considering the churn rate of gym members and the tendency for injury around activity.  

Let’s do this better this year.  Take time to investigate the effects of exercise on your body.  Take some baby steps, get some small successes adding up.  Pretty soon, you will see how GOOD exercise can make you feel when you tailor it to your body.  

Start with an activity or environment you love, find someone to guide you or enjoy it with you, then take action. Small progressive action.  Let us know, we can help, it’s what we do.

Move Better

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