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Start Here Pilates Aerial

We help people support the best possible function of their body so they feel as good as they possibly can.

Our Values

We believe exercise goes beyond a one size fits all mindset. It is as unique as you are.

We believe that it is an inherent right to understand how your body works best, and learn how to control your progression as you choose. 

We believe that your physical well being is your greatest and most adaptable tool to the betterment of your life and experience of the world. 

We custom design assessments, exercise programs, classes and offer supportive nutrition products to ensure that your process is defined by the uniqueness of you.

Aerial Fitness

Build strength, improve flexibility and have fun working out. Our aerial fitness classes are versatile and accommodating for all body types and levels of fitness. We offer both adult and youth classes so that anyone can fly with us!


Our studio offers Pilates based classes such as: Mat, Reformer, Mixed Equipment, Wunda-chair, Restorative Release and Pilates for Youth. Our classes are appropriate for ages 4 to 70+. Contact us to see which class best meets your needs

What Our Clients Are Saying

Since taking Pilates at Discover Happy 3 years ago, I no longer have back or neck pain at work. I teach first grade and sit on very low chairs. I can tell if I miss a week of Pilates because my back and neck hurts. Amanda is a very professional teacher. She really knows her anatomy and can quickly change a movement to give her clients the best benefit based on his/her body.

~Sara P