When I first consulted with Amanda, I had been experiencing lower back and hip problems based on incorrect body alignment. She accessed my situation and ability and came up with a personalized group of activities on the reformer that allowed me to strengthen and stretch my body without injury. Without her expertise my life would have been hampered by personally and professionally. With the new space came new tools and opportunities. I fully support Amanda and Discover Happy and encourage their growth as they move to the next level.
~Ross H

I am a 70 year old man with Parkinson’s Disease and have received Pilates training from Amanda Rhine at Discover Happy over the last year. The Pilates training I have received at Discover Happy has led to a great improvement in my balance and muscle strength. These are both important factors in the prevention of serious falls, a major co-morbidity in Parkinson’s. Amanda Rhine is very knowledgeable in tailoring the Pilates training to the individual needs of the client, and is a great resource for our aging population.
~Harold Amsbaugh, M.D.

In the 5 years that I have practiced pilates, I have noticed many changes in my body. Balance, strength, agility, centeredness, that carry me throughout my daily life that add a quality of living that I value and appreciate.
~Joanie Sheahan

Since taking Pilates at Discover Happy 3 years ago, I no longer have back or neck pain at work. I teach first grade and sit on very low chairs. I can tell if I miss a week of Pilates because my back and neck hurts. Amanda is a very professional teacher. She really knows her anatomy and can quickly change a movement to give her clients the best benefit based on his/her body.
~Sara P