We have nearly made it through February.  

The days are getting longer, and soon, Spring will be on the horizon.  February was Heart Health Month, and gave us all a chance to look at our habits to see if we are helping out the ol’ ticker or not.  As you reflect on your daily and weekly routines, keep in mind there are some tried and true things that you can do to keep your heart in tip-top shape.

  1. Exercise has been shown to enhance your overall cardiovascular system over time.  Keep in mind that most any exercise modality can give you these benefits.  Too often we try to categorize resistance training into ‘camps’.  We have the cardio camp, the weightlifting camp, the yoga camp…you get the picture.  In reality, these all are simply creating an environment where the body has to deal with a series of forces acting on it.  When it comes to heart health benefits, you can really choose which camp is for you.  Where are you the most comfortable, the happiest, or the most motivated to show up?    Now that you’re there, start with the level of exercise you can control, and progress slowly from there.  Stay in control, stay consistent, and stay progressing slowly forward.
  2. Maintain a heart healthy diet.  Look to include whole grains, plenty of vegetables, and lean meats throughout the day.  Again, we can only start where we are, so look to your existing menu to see where you can improve.  Think to yourself, where can I easily increase my nutrient intake?  How can I make my meals more complete without making the process overwhelming?  If you ask yourself these questions enough times, you will come up with answers…I promise!
  3. Supplement wisely.  We all may find our daily habits are not perfect, or not consistent enough to get all the macro and micro nutrients we need to thrive.  That’s where a smart supplementation plan can fill in the gaps.  Healthy fats, lean protein, and fiber can keep your cardiovascular system working at its highest level.  Look for products that do quality testing at multiple steps, offer money back guarantees, and stay away from fads.  If fads worked, they wouldn’t be fads, they’d be the norm.  

Stay active, have fun, eat colorfully, live on purpose.  

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