Molly Wilker

Molly Wilker pilates instructor

Molly started taking dance classes at age 3 and has been dancing in a variety of different ways and places ever since. While putting in long hours in the research lab to pursue her other passion, chemistry, Molly discovered group fitness classes as a way to bring balance to her life both physically and socially. Since moving to Decorah in 2015, Molly has been part of the Discover Happy community and she has found that her Pilates practice is important for maintaining balance and strength in her life. She is excited to share her love for dance, fitness and Pilates as an instructor at DH and hopes that everyone leaves the studio feeling inspired!

Stephanie Hughes

Stephanie Hughes pilates instructor

I attended my first aerial class in Fall 2017. I was immediately drawn towards the “play” aspect of it – being suspended off the ground, hanging upside-down. It was like being a kid again, playing on the monkey bars. The strength and conditioning opportunities kept me going. I’m stronger now than I’ve been my entire adult life. I’m excited to help others experience the fun and challenge that is aerial fitness

April Blong

April Blong Pilates instructor

Hello! My journey with Discover Happy Pilates Studio started out by attending Hip Hop Halloween with a friend in 2016. I had no idea what i was getting myself into, but it was exactly what I needed to add to my life. After that, I decided to take personal sessions with Amanda, along with Mat class and Club Dance whenever possible. What I was really intrigued by was the Aerial class Amanda was teaching at the time. The silks and trapeze looked just too good to pass up as soon as a class opened up that I could attend. I was hooked. I completed the Fly Fit Teacher Training at The Aviary in Minneapolis. I am now teaching Intros, Fly Fit, and Youth Aerial classes. It is the best decision I have made! I am also in the process of the Pilates Teacher Training.

Fitness has always been important to me, but I have always had a hard time finding what suites me. Along with Aerial and Pilates, I also enjoy running and weight lifting. I believe it is important to be as well balanced as you can!