Demi-Bar Pilates Barre Training Program

Attract new clients to your studio by offering one of the hottest-selling and most solid revenue-producing workouts available. With little required equipment, you can start a barre program at your studio that provides physical results. The Demi-Bar Pilates model is proven successful for clients and consistent in attendance.

You will learn

  • Basic Pilates Principles
  • Demi-Bar Pilates Class Format
  • Pilates-inspired, safe Barre Exercise Training
  • Using Props for Modifications and Variations
  • Lecture/Discussion/Experience of All Demi-Bar Pilates Barre Class Exercises
  • Modifications for a Multi-Level Class and Special Populations
  • Verbal Cueing and Physical Adjustments
  • How to Design a Successful Playlist
  • Support via Video Library Plan
  • Secrets to being the best Barre Instructor

Total Hours: 18

Contact Amanda for the upcoming dates and pricing for the Demi-Bar Pilates Training Program.